Advises non-profit organizations in the areas of strategy, organization, communication and fundraising;
advises companies, wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs in the field of social responsibility and investment
in idealistic goals. Profonte also is actively involved in cooperation between charitable organizations and
those who want to invest in.


In the Netherlands the number of charitable initiatives has grown in recent years. The charitable sector is
a number of significant challenges. Non-profit organizations are constantly looking for a balance between
idealism, practicality and durability. At the same time increasingly asked for accountability results, process
and finance. Due to increased prosperity, resignation of the government and a growing social awareness,
more and more businesses and high net worth individuals support the charitable sector. Yet they often are
not sufficiently familiar with the industry and looking for the correct approach in order to make a contribution.


The developments in question the charitable sector of all involved increasing professionalism. Profonte
contributes to this by advising its clients in defining choices and goals, implementation and organization.
Our advice is pragmatic and focused on direct application. Profonte works with passion and has an inspiring
network in both the idealistic and the commercial sector. our clients are located mainly in the sectors
of education, health and development.